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" Welcome To Our PROUD PARENTS PAGE" Dedicated to our New Puppy Owners and there families! We wish you and your new Poms many years of love, joy and happiness! Here you will find comments from some of our puppy owners on how there new Poms are doing, we hope you enjoy your visit!

A soon to be new parent awaiting her new arrival! Thank you Terrie!

Hi Bridget!
I sent my husband the link to your site so he could see why I was so interested in your puppies. He called me tonight and is as impressed as I am. I try to keep him involved in as much as possible with my thoughts, wishes, and emotions. He is sad too that our little Monte died recently, and was very agreeable to having another little one bless our lives. Of course he won't be home again from his job in Kuwait until July or Aug., so I am hoping to have our little girl at home with us when he returns for a vacation. He does contract work in Kuwait and comes home a couple times a year for a few weeks. We were looking at the colors of your poms (talking on the phone and on your site at the same time) and seem to like a lot of the same colors. We both agree that we would prefer not to have the color black or white, he seems partial to the lavenders, orange and red sable, and silver merle. All your specialty colors are sooooo beautiful.
We are already talking about the best way for our little lady to come home. Should I fly and get her? what airport to fly into? rent a car and drive from Las Vegas? have her shipped to us? It's funny we are thinking about this already when she hasn't been born yet. I feel like I'm expecting with all the excitement that comes with it.
Thank you for letting me pass on these thoughts.

A very inspiring letter I received and would like to share.


I just wanted to share with you what a great pleasure it is to see your work. I have been viewing your site for a very long time. Your efforts on producing one of the most beautiful Poms is recognized. I have your site saved on my favorites for whenever I am ready for a baby Pom in my life. 
I just think you are doing a great job!. Please continue doing this for many years to come.
I can not wait to see what Camile and Rockstar 's babies look like.


A wonderful letter from Dr. K Stanton DVM and Proud Parent Of a Sharp Poms Pomeranian!

Hi Bridget!
I don't know if you remember me, but bought my dog Boogie from you in May of 2005. Boogie and I are now in Los Angeles and I'm working as a veterinarian, doing an internship. I have a second pom namied Ollie that I adopted as an adult from a shelter in Cheyenne, WY.  My boys are spoiled rotten and come to work with me every day (right now I'm on overnights and they are in my lap!). Anyway, Boogie is a fabulous little blue sable boy and I want to get another pommie after my veterinary internship ends in July of 2010. I'll probably be moving to the Phoenix area at that point. I'm not sure if you are planning any summer litters, but I'd really love a blue, chocolate, beaver, or blue/tan combo pup (no sex preference).
 I know it is several months away but your little ones disappear quickly so I'd love to get on a waiting list.
K Stanton


A Beautiful Letter From A Dear Proud Parent Of  ~3~ Sharp Poms Pomeranians!

Bridget Sharp is the BEST Pomeranian breeder!

Bridget not only cares about her Pomeranians but she cares about the new owners that are purchasing the puppy as well. She will keep you informed about everything and leaves no important details out!! If this is your first time purchasing a Pomeranian I strongly suggest you look no further . Buy your new Pom from Bridget! She has been breeding poms for a very long time and is very experienced. She will make you feel very comfortable. Bridget has the best quality poms I have ever seen! The temperment on these lil ones is the sweetest ever! All her poms are so outgoing and lovable!!! They truly are a JOY and will melt your heart! I am buying my 3rd Pom a cream dilute female that I named “ Tinkerbelle “ She is Tinkers sister and Royals half sister also purchased from Sharp Poms. We can not wait to get our new addition! This new baby girl will be so loved and spoiled just like our boys!!! We love Sharp Poms!!!



Bridgett was so awesome from the first time I emailed her expressing interest in one of her puppies!  I was lucky enough to catch her at the right time when a new litter was on its way so for the last month of the pregnancy she taught me almost all I needed to know about raising a little pom.  Any questions I had she gladly answered even after I received the exciting email that my puppies litter had arrived!  We were sent pictures of the little puppy about three times a week and even more often than that Bridgett kept us updated on her growth and health until we got her.  I named my puppy Oopsy Daisy and she is the best thing I ever did for myself.  She is the cutest, spunkiest, most loving dog ever and she has been from day one!  Thank you so much Bridgett for the absolutely perfect addition to our family!!!

Meet Opsey Daisey. She is a tiny Blue Pomeranian and is living  in CA with her new parents Heather & Steve.



Meet Blue Teddy. B.T. is a Blue Pomeranian and is living with his new family The Swangler's in California.


Meet Cyrano. He is a Cream Dilute Pomeranian and is living in AZ with his new parents Jerry & Boon.



Meet Les Paul. He is a beautiful Cream Dilute Pomeranian and is living in CA with his new mommy Danielle.

Meet Meikah. She is a Beaver Pomeranian and is living in WI with her new mom Denise.



Meet Princess Fiona. She is a Blue Sable Pomeranian and is living in CA with her new mom Lesa.

   When searching for pomeranian puppies via the internet, I  must
admit we were a little skeptical at first.  We noticed some sites that seemed
like they were big puppy breeders.  It was important to us that the puppy(s)
we chose were special in some individual way, if that was even possible. 
We didn't just want a puppy the had just been breed for profit.  When we
found Sharppoms it was clear that they were a cut above the rest.  They put
so much love and care into each litter.  And each puppy is as special as
the other.  We knew that our puppy(s) were well cared for with love and
affection from their family.  Which meant that they had to have been
socialized well.  Our transaction with Sharppoms was handled very
professionally.  We found the screening process to be comforting, as we
knew then than they did not just want a puppy going to just anyone, or put
in a negative environment.  It is as they stated "from their home to yours,
they deserve know less"  We love our babies, and they have grown to be
absolutely beautiful creatures from God.  Thank you Sharppoms

   With Gratitude and Love,
   The Rizo Family

Meet Piere and Sophie. Piere is  Lavender & Sophie is Cream Dilute. They live in AZ with there new mommy Alexis.



Arent we growing up beautifully...Piere & Sophie's first Christmas with Santa!

Meet Saxy, she is a tiny Blue Sable and lives in AZ with her new family.


Meet Buddy, he is a gorgeous and very tiny Chocolate Beaver baby and he lives in MA with his new family The Riopelle's.

         I wanted to thank you for the wonderful puppy we purchased from you.  After loosing our puppy Rocky, looking for a new pom was very difficult.  I was on line for hours during the day and night searching for the right one, and then we came across your website.  You were wonderful with answering all of our questions and making us feel at peace with our decision.  You always made sure to respond to our concerns, and expressed how important these precious babies were to you.  Thank you for our little buddy and you will be blessed for all you do for these precious babies.  Thank you so much, and we look forward to purchasing a friend for our buddy in the future.
God Bless, Love the Riopelle's


Sharp Poms Family,

We just wanted to thank you for our little Lily, the very special little cream dilute we were so fortunate to find though your web site.  Not only was Lily smart, loving, healthy and very sociable from the first day, she continues to surprise us with her quest to learn and explore every day.  She is never moody and rarely takes a nap during the day because she is afraid she is going to miss something.  We even had to move her day time bed next to the sliding glass door so she could make sure the squirrels weren’t up to anything.  We are definitely one of your biggest fans and couldn’t have asked for smarter or more well-rounded family member; so if you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to have anyone contact us.  Your professionalism from start to finish made our decision to purchase Lily easy to make and not worry over and yes, we would definitely purchase a pom from you again.


Thank you for keeping in touch with us and always responding to our e-mails over the past year and checking in on her.  We will continue to send you pictures as she grows up, especially from the Beach . . . when she turns into ”Have no fear the Water Dog is here” .



Fred and Tanya

Meet Sweet Little Lily, she is a beautiful Cream Dilute baby girl. She lives in VA with her new parents Fred and Tanya and her new Pom family!


Meet Beautiful Boogie- He is a Blue Sable little boy and lives in CO with his mom Kristie!

Meet Kobi a beautiful little Blue Sable boy. He lives with his new mom Rhonda in AZ.

Meet Jake, an adorable little Cream Dilute boy. He lives in CA with his new family The Redondo's.

Meet Max! He is a beautiful little Black/Tan/White boy and his new home is with the Hatt family in AZ.

I just want to let you know what a wonderful experience it was to find your website.  You have the most beautiful babies that I have come accross.  It was a pleasure dealing with you and the whole experience has been wonderful.  I feel like I have gained a friend as I love emailing you and sending you pictures of Max.  You truly do breed wonderful babies, Max has given us so much joy and everyone goes crazy over him.  He just loves kids, and all the neighbor kids plus my grandchildren just love him.  The Lord has truly blessed you with wonderful babies.  I would definitely buy another pom from you.
Thanks so much,
Meet Bella! She is an adorable Chocolate Beaver girl. Her new mommy is Britany and she lives in California with her new family! 
Hi Bridget,  Bella is really sweet and cuddly. Also she was very sleepy when she got here and all she wanted to do is snuggle, but she is loosening up.  She went potty twice on the potty and poo poo once already on the pad. Thank you so much we love her.

Meet Raven (Black) and Baby Lavy (Lavender). They are both adorable and live in Tennessee with Amy and there new family!

I wanted to thank you again. I love Raven and Baby Lavy. They are so pretty and soooo sweet. They have settled in just fine and made them selfs home. They are going to be very easy to house train. That whole airplane ride they did not mess in there crate. They waited till I let them out at the hotel. LOL I couldnt make them stay in that crate any long. They ran and hopped around. They are so funny. My mom loves Baby Lavy. She said she is going to steal him lol. She said she wants one of his puppies. Well anyways They are all doing good. I will talk to you soon. God Bless


Meet Baby. She is a gorgeous Blue & Tan girl and lives with little Keldon and the Ligtenberg family in South Dakota!

Bridget,, You got some beautiful puppies in array of colors! You do such a good job with breeding and socializing your puppies.  Thank you for being such a good friend. God Bless Sharp Poms and your family! Your friend, Lisa

Meet Miko, an adorable Solid Black male that is now living in Alaska with his new mommy Chanel!

"Miko after a long flt has finally landed in Alaska!!  This little guy will be very active going fishing, camping and boating with us, as you can see by the big smile on Chanels face, she is very happy."

 Meet Baby Mia!!! She is the tiniest, most precious little Blue baby girl and is living in Nevada with her new mom and dad Sonia and Eddy!

Mia is a little Princess! She sleeps on the bed with us, goes EVERYWHERE with us and just spoied rotten! WE love her very much, she is our baby!