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Meet Gyzmo, a rare lavender lil boy!

hi bridget,
 i bought  lavy boy from you 11 months ago. i can not tell you just how beautiful and Loving this dog is!! thank you sharing your puppies!!! EVERYONE i see at the park, my vet, random people always say"Ive never seen them in that color before". he truly is exotic!Gyzmo is the best dog ive ever had!!! thank you soo much please add him & i to Your Proud parent page!! thanks


Meet Stella a beautiful cream dilute girl.

We made it home ok..  I took a few pictures last night & went strait to bed!  We were so tired!!!  She slept all the way through the night!  She went potty on the pee pad!!!  She is really smart!  She knows her name already!! Smart little thing!
Thank you so much!  She is exactly what I have wanted for so long!  I will be contacting you for another one maybe next year!!!  I love her!  She is so spoiled! 
Here are a few pictures.  I'll keep in touch so you can see her grow up!!
Thanks again!


Meet Maddie! A sweet Cream Dilute girl. She is pictured here with her Black/Tan brother Max who is also from Sharp Poms!

Bridget. here are some pictures of Maddie and Max.  He is in love.  She gave him kisses right away, it was so cute.  She is absolutely adorable and so good.  Thank you so much, we just love her.


Meet Boo Boo a beautiful and very tiny Chocolate Pom! This is the sweetest picture with his new mom & dad!

Meet Pekoe an adorable little black baby boy! His new parents are Anita and Jim! He is happily living in Lake Havasu AZ ~

Hi Bridget!
It looks like you are expecting little ones again and know you will be very busy, but we knew you would still be interested in how little Pekoe is doing.  He is an absolute little doll!!!  He just had his third set of shots yesterday and he weighs 3.2 lbs....he is growing up fast!  He and Pandora are "best buddies" and play and do everything's so wonderful to watch them!  He has been to the lake twice on our pontoon boat and he loves to ride and play on the floor...we are so amazed at how well he adapts to different situations!  His next learning experience will be swimming in our pool now that the weather is really warming up...we have a beach entry and he loves to stand and "paw" the cute!!  I have to say, he is definitely a very smart dog and we are totally in love with our little one!
We are so happy that we chose Sharp Poms for our new puppy and really want to thank you so much for the incredible little pom we have!  Your advice and help was so wonderful and made this such a positive experience!!  We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an exceptional pomeranian puppy!  We can really tell that he had a wonderful entry into this world....thank you again!!
Anita and Jim Jacobsen
Pekoe and Pandora too!
Hi Bridget;
She arrived!!  When we got to Continental Cargo a group of men were fawning all over her. :)  It took a bit to coax her out of her crate but, once she came out she started hopping, sniffing, and licking my hands.  She wanted to sit up high on the way home so, she could look at out the windows.
When we came home I brought Simba outside to see her.  Right away, he was afraid but, within a few minutes they were running around the yard.  They have really taken well to each other.  She would not take her nutrical but, she did eat a little piece of food.  She went poddy as soon as we got her home.
She walked right over to the poddy pad so, I am not sure if that is what you were using but, she was so smart.  We took some video and photos that I will send later tonight.
Thanks again, she is so beautiful, smart, and sweet.
Meet Protege an adorable Blue & Tan boy living in AZ with his new family the Flemings!

he is doing great.  he slept in bed with me and hubby. my kids love him he has been following me all over the house

 Meet Sashi, a gorgeous little Blue boy living in Canada with his new mommy Reehana!

Hello Bridget,

This little man is such a joy and makes us smile
every day;-) He is just getting past his uglies
and starting to grow his coat.
Besides that he plays with the puppies and
loves going for car rides.

Hope all is well?!

Reehana Schroeder

Meet Foxy Bleu a beautiful little Blue Sable girl living in AZ with her loving parents, The Calleo's.

 Hi there it is Tracy Calleo, My mom and Dad purchased a Pom from you and I came and picked her up for my parents from Arizona. Her name is Foxy Bleu. She is adorable and loves to play with my little yorkie they are like sisters. They are friendly to other dogs but they only love each other and play mutually with each other. Remember my parents had lost their previous dog during a teeth cleaning procedure and were devastated when I found Foxy from you remember. I hate to tell but I believe there previous dog was a puppy mill dog and did not have the normal affection that a well bred dog has if you know what I mean. Dogs that are in bred never really play ball or have love for a particular person they are just shells of dogs. They have no personality and you could give them to anyone and they would be fine. A well bred dog is smart and devoted to their people. Any way I am writing to tell you what a wonderful puppy you gave us she is adorable she plays ball, sits and shakes and my parents adore her. She has replaced the void in there life and made them realize that they were really missing a part of there life they did not have with there last dog. She is truly a member of their family and she loves them. She did not get very big and they loved that. She is half the size of there last dog ( 4.5lbs), giving my mom the pocket puppy she always wanted. She takes rides with them evrywhere and went through her spaying well. I am still scared to spay mine. I am sending you a pic of my parents and your puppy to ad to your collection and I will send you a pic of my yorkie that she plays with. Take care and Thank you for such a wonderful gift and know she is loved and spoiled. My yorkie grew to be a whole 2.5 pounds. a midget!     Tracy

Meet Chilly a beautiful Red Merle baby girl living with her mommy Diane!

Hey Bridget,
Usually you respond to emails and I know I sent the last one while you were gone (sorry to call you by the way when you were on vacation didn't realize that till I got home and sent an email). Anyway, I wanted you to get the update on Chilly, she did great with her shot and weighed 2lbs and 2ozs. They all loved her at the vets and thought she was the cutest thing (well she is!), and I gave your web site to the vet tech there who said she has been wanting a pom.
Chilly is a crazy girl! She likes to play in her water dish and splash all the water out, so now I have to put a towel under her water bowl for when she decides to be silly!  :) She always comes when you call her name and is just a little bit of sunshine!
Thank you again!

Meet Sharp's Frank-Sin-Atra a blue eyed Lavender/Chocolate Merle living in Las Vegas with his wonderful new mommy Noela!

Hi Bridget,
Here are some pictures of my little guy, Sharp's Frank-Sin-Atra.
His coat is so thick and he is now a light lavender with dark burgandy markings.
He has the best disposition.Frank is loving and cuddles. He has barked a total of 3 barks in all the time I have had him.
My older yorkie has fallen madly in love with the little guy.
Everyone at the Vet squeals out loud when they see him!!!  " I have never....look at the color!!!! Oh he is beautiful!
Frank knew to pee on his paper from the day I got him. You did a great job teaching him and socializing him.
My yorkie loves him, I love him too!
                      Thanks - Noela (Las Vegas
Meet Itsy Bitsy an extrememly tiny Lavender Merle Parti baby girl living in Las Vegas with her mom and dad Sonia and Eddy...(There 3rd Sharp Poms Puppy)
Se is so adorable and tiny, we love her so much!