Rare & Exotic Pomeranian Colors
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Welcome To Pomeranian Colors! We have truly been blessed over the years, PTL!

Blue Pomeranian in Blue and Tan, Blue Sable, Black and Tan Pomeranian, Black and Silver Pomeranian, Black, Chocolate Pomeranian in Chocolate and Tan, Chocolate Sable, Beaver, Cream Dilute, Lavendar Pomeranian in, Lavendar and Tan, Merle Pomeranian in Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Lavender Merle, Merle and Tan, Beaver Merle, Red Merle, Sable Merle and all colors of Parti Pomeranian Puppies!

Most of our Pomeranian Puppies range in the 3 to 7 lbs adult range.

Some are smaller or larger also described by some as "Tea Cup Pomeranian Puppies or Micro Mini Pomeranian Puppies. I just say they are smaller than standard size. These tiny Pom puppies stay with us longer before they are allowed to go tho their new family.



Blue ~ Lavender ~ Cream Dilute ~ Merle & Tan

Merle & Tan Litter

Tiny Blue Merle

Some Exotic Beauties Born Here At Sharp Poms

Beaver Parti & Chocolate Parti

Blue Sable

Solid Chocolate

Solid Black

MERLES ~ Chocolate ~ Red ~ Sable ~


Chocolate/Tan Sable

Lavender Merle Parti

Cream Dilute

Lavender Beaver Blue Cream Lavender

Silver Merle


Red Sable


Blue & Tan

Red Merle

Merle & Tan


Tiny Beaver


Blue Merle & Tan

Black Mismark

Phantom Merle (Blue Eye)

Merle Parti

Blue & Tan