Breeding and Whelping a Litter of Puppies
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This page is dedicated to the whelping of Pomeranian Puppies.

Welcome To Our "Pomeranian Whelping Page"...



Supplies To Have On Hand!

FOR HOME: Food & Water dishes - Nutrical - IAMS puppy food - Collar & Lead -  Puppy Training Pads - Chewy Toys - Play Toys- Puppy Treats - Bed & Blanket -

WHELPING SUPPLIES:  Your Veterinarian's phone number in case of an emergency. - Heating Pad to keep pups warm.- Thermometer  to check rectal temperature of Dam. - Iodine to put on umbilical cord. - Scissors to clip umbilical cord.-  Dental Floss  to tie off umbilical cord. - Bulb Syringe to suction the puppies mouth and nose. - Fresh Newspapers to keep the whelping area clean. - Clean Towels & Washcloths - Sterile gloves - KY Jelly - Pad & Pen to record births - Nutrical for mom and stressed puppies. - Clean Whelping Box - Blankets - Fresh Water for Mom

This information is what you can expect in normal deliveries, if you suspect a problem contact your Veterinarian at once. Whelping a litter is not always easy and complications do arise from time to time. We suggest spaying or neutering your new Pom to avoid this sort of problem. ~ This is only a brief description of what can happen during labor and delivery. Please keep your Veterinarians number handy in case of complications. ~

This is a very exciting time! I look forward to each and every breeding, pampering the moms-to-be and waiting for that beautiful blessed day of delivery!  I usually switch from IAMS adult mini chunks to IAMS puppy formula 6 weeks after the first breeding. The extra calcium is beneficial to the growing puppies and mom.

Most but not all deliveries go as smooth as we would like. That is why it is very important to know the facts if you decide to breed your Pomeranian. I recommend spaying and neutering your new companion. Sometimes a puppy may be to large and get stuck in the birth canal, or mom may become to stressed out leaving no option but to have a C-Section. There are many things that can and do go wrong during this very critical time. It's important to be ready in case of such as emergency and have your Veterinarians number close by!

Phase 1 starts with Pre Labor. This is where your female will have a drop in temperature from about 101 degrees or so to between 97.5 to 99 degrees. This is good indication that labor is starting. Your female will hide under beds, or dark quiet places and may even refuse to eat even her favorite foods and start to scratch at newspapers, blanket, etc. She will also rest alot during this time in preparation for the coming delivery.

Next we have the pushing stage. Some females push quietly while others, especially first time moms may cry and become very nervous. Stay with her and talk gently to her and rub her belly often. This will help calm her and she loves having you there! When a puppy is coming you can tell by looking at her backside between her vulva and anus you will see a bulge, that is a puppy coming down ready to be born! You will also notice a sack that looks like a shiny bubble coming through her vaginal area, sometimes a puppy is head first and sometimes feet first. Most pups come out without assistance but sometimes you may need to assist if a puppy is to large. You will need some ky jelly and sterile gloves along with a clean dry washcloth. Gently grasp the feet of the puppy and pull slightly only when she pushes. If you need to, insert a finger lubricated with ky jelly  and that may make it easier for the puppy to be born. After the puppy arrives break away the membranes from her face first, head facing down to avoid getting additional fluid in her nose and mouth and suction her little mouth and nose. You can also gently but briskly rub the puppy with a towel to stimulate crying and always let mom lick and clean her. I usually let mom eat a few afterbirths to stimulate contractions and I also make sure the puppies start to nurse shortly after birth to help with milk letdown and contractions.




In the stressful event your Pom will need a c-section here are a few tips that may be of help.

1. Ask you Veterinarian to save some of the puppies placentas and rub them on the pups and on the dam so that when she awakens she will have the scent on her and the pups, some moms do not always accept there newborns after a c-section.

2. If your dam is not nursing or snapping at her pups, hold her on your lap while petting and talking to her so the pups can nurse, sometimes a new mom will just need to experience the whole feeling of being a mom and thats all that is needed for her to accept them.

3. As I have learned some moms are a little nervous and get snippy when it comes to there food. If your dam is grouchy do not leave food in with her. Sometimes if they drop some and a puppy gets to close to it the mom may snap or hurt them, though rare it happens. ALSO a small puppy can choke on kibble.

4. Never leave deep dishes of water either because the puppies can drown easily even in shallow water dishes. Keep water dish attached high enough where the puppies can not reach it.

5. If mom hurts the puppies it is best to hand raise them. You can tube feed most newborns with a number 5 french feeding tube and Esbilac puppy formula. Hold the tube at the end and measure frtom the last rib on the puppy and mark where the tube ends at the pups mouth and mark it off. You will also need a 10 cc syringe and start off with 4 cc per feeding depending on the weight of the pup. Inserting the tube may be difficlt at first but can mastered fairly easy, ask your Vet to show you how to do this, IT CAN & WILL SAVE LIVES!!

This information is not intended to replace your Veterinarian's instructions, but a help resource in the event you are having trouble with the new C-Section mom.

Lovingly Raised From Our Family To Yours!

Each of our babies are raised in our home with our family giving them lots of one on one attention daily! They are extremely lovable, playful, healthy little furballs! We love these little blessings so very much and want only loving indoor homes for our babies. They are truly a gift from above!

Below is a picture of our Blue Parti Skye in Pre-Labor, then whelping her first pup, and finally nursing the litter! The bottom picture are the same beautiful puppies at 7 weeks! All 3 healthy & happy little blessings!