TEACUP POMERANIAN & Other Frequently Asked Pomeranian Questions
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This page is dedicated to some of the most often asked questions I receive via email and telephone.

1. How much are your pom puppies? My babies prices vary depending on pedigree, sex, color, full or limited AKC registration.

2. Are your puppies toy pomeranians, teacup pomeranians or mico mini pomeranians? To answer this question is first to know that Pomeranians are a Toy Breed. There is no such thing as a "mico mini" or teacup. Poms standard weight is 4 to 7 lbs. Some are smaller and some larger.

3. Do your puppies have teddy bear faces or fox faces? Most of my Poms are teddy bear face which is a short snout. Some of my babies have the fox face. Both are equally adorable!

4. Do you ship your puppies? I do ship breeding prospect puppies safely within the U.S. (Pet puppies need to be picked up in person) My babies are 8 to 12 weeks before they are ready to go home depending on size.

5. Are your puppies AKC registered? All of my Poms are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

6. What's the difference between breeding quality and pet quality?  Pet quality means you do not plan to show or breed your new Pom and will be sold with no AKC papers on a spay/neuter contract, breeding prospect means the puppy is being sold for breeding and will come with Full AKC registration.

7. How much should I feed my new puppy? These little ones need to eat and drink so not to get hypoglycemia which is common if the pom does not eat regularly. I free feed all of my puppies as well as keep fresh water available at all times. I also suggest giving nutrical in the morning and evening. Hypoglycemia is preventable so make sure you monitor your puppys eating habits.

8. Do I have to give more puppy shots even though you already gave a set? YES!!! When you purchase a puppy from Sharp Poms you are given a vaccination record showing when the next series are due. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep all scheduled vaccinations to keep your pet healthy and safe!

9. Can I let my new puppy go outside or to the dog park? NO!!! Until ALL puppy vaccinations are completed at 16 weeks of age, it is best to keep your new puppy away from parks, grass areas, other animals, and from chewing on shoes which can carry diseases as well. You can designate an area in your yard and cover it with newspapers or a wee wee pad.

10. Can my new puppy change color? Yes, Sables do change coat color as they go through the puppy scraggily stage. Other colors may change as well.

11. Why does my 4 month old puppy not look so fluffy? All Poms go through the scraggily stage. That is where the cute little 8 week old fur ball goes through a transformation. The adult coat usually starts to come in around 8 months or longer in some poms. It is normal.

12. What makes for a better pet..male or female? From my own experience both make wonderful pets! My males are very affectionate contrary to what is said, they are wonderful companions and can be housebroken just as easy as a female!

13. What age should I spay/neuter my new pom puppy? I say for males 4 months if they are of a nice size. That way they usually do not lift their legs. For females I would say 6 months. Talk to your veterinarian about what is best for your pom.

14. Do you offer stud service? No

15. Are Poms good with children? YES! All of my Poms are raised with my 4 children. They get plenty of TLC and are use to being around people as well as household noise, T.V., music, etc. My babies are not kept in crates, they have playpens where they get to romp and play and see what is going on around them when they are not out with us.

16. How does your waiting list work? I get this question often. Sharp Poms always has first pick if we should decide to keep a new baby. The waiting list is notified after the first familes (families with a deposit) are notified. If they do not choose a puppy, they will be listed on my available puppies page. I get alot of people who like a puppy but want to wait until it gets older to see how it is going to turn out, please understand I can not hold a puppy without a deposit so they will still be listed as available.

17. Do you breed pomapoos or designer dogs? NO ~ Only  Pomeranians! No mixed breeds. Poms are very dear to my heart and they require all of my love and devotion.

18. Can you guarantee my puppy will only grow to be a certain  size?  No, it is impossible to tell at such a young age. I have seen tiny pom puppies grow up to be 6 lbs and larger pom puppies stop growing and turn out to be 4 lbs! There are always throw backs in lines so sometimes you get a larger pom over 7 lbs and sometimes a tiny pom under 4 lbs!

19. Can you breed a merle to a merle? NEVER! Merles can be tricky if you do not know about them. Even some pups born to a merle parent that do not look to be a merle can actually be a phantom or hidden merle. Breeding merle to merle can cause puppies to be deaf and blind.

20. I do not plan on breeding my new puppy but would like full AKC papers anyways at the limited AKC price? I can not do that. It is my experience that if you want full AKC registration you plan of breeding the puppy. Most pet families are not interested in papers at all, only their new baby. So please, be honest and upfront when contacting me about one of my babies.

21. I was wondering how often you email pictures of the new puppy we just bought? I know how very exciting it is to see your new baby grow and develop over the next 8 weeks. I try to email pictures every 2 weeks until your new baby goes home, but with 4 children it is hard sometimes. But I am always here to give updates and answer any questions you may have about your new baby.

22. What is the best way to housebreak my new puppy? I start out paper training my puppies at 4 weeks of age. I do not use wee wee pads with litters because these little guys tear it to shreds! You should never let your new baby run around unattended so not to have accidents. Remember they can not hold their little bladders. You can continue with the paper training or wee wee pad for just one puppy and as they are ready to go outside to potty, move it closer to the door and on the area in the yard they are suppose to releive themselves. They are very smart little dogs and get the hang of it with persistence. Several of my new puppy parents have told me what a great job I did starting out the potty training!

23. How much do you require to hold a puppy? I require a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of 300.00 to hold a puppy with the balance due in full by 6 weeks of age.  When I receive a deposit that puppy is listed as SOLD and is no longer available. 

24. What exotic colors do you have? Please visit my Pomeranian Colors page to see the colors we produce here at Sharp Poms.  Some of the colors are Blue, Blue/Tan, Blue Sable, Cream Dilute, Chocolate, Chocolate/Tan, Chocolate Sable, Chocolate Beaver, Beaver, Black, Black/Tan, Tri, Lavender, Lavender/Tan, Lavender Sable, and also Merles and Parti's in many exotic colors! 

25. Do you have references? Please visit my Proud Parents Pages to see what new families have to say about their experience with Sharp Poms as well as adorable pictures of my babies in their new homes!