Black & Tan - Merle - Chocolate - Cream - Pomeranian Colors
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Meet Royal, a gorgeous Blue Sable boy who lives in NM with his mom Francine and with there new addition, an adorable and very tiny Cream Dilute baby boy. His name is Tinker and suits him just fine!

Bridget  is a  WONDERFUL breeder  and  a GREAT friend she  breeds  the  BEST quality in Pomeranians. Not  only  is the  quality good  ,but her little ones  have  the best  and  most  loving  temperment  you will ever  find  in  a puppy. She  is  always  very  honest ,and  will  keep  you posted  on  your  puppy. She  is  by  far  the  BEST breeder  I have  ever  come  across. I couldn't  be  happier  with  the  pom  I  purchased  from her. Is'nt he  a  beauty? Thank you so much Bridget ! I cant  wait  to get  my  new  baby!

This is Pebbles..She is a beautiful Blue girl and is truly adored by her new mom Lisa and her new family in CA...She is a little Princess and has the crown to prove it!!!

Meet Bugsy ~ a beautiful Cream Dilute Merle..He is the newest addition to Pebbles and her family! His new mommy flew all the way here to meet me at the airport to pick up there gorgeous new baby boy! If you look closely you can see the blue in his right eye!

 Meet Carmine! A beautiful Black/Tan/White boy! His new home is with his dad David and new buddy Vito in Florida!

“I could not have been happier with my experience with Sharp Poms. Bridget was extremely responsive and very helpful with any questions that I had. Carmine is such a fun little guy to have around. I have definitely fallen in love with Pomeranians since I got my first one two years ago. I was extremely impressed with how well mannered but exuberant he is. (Which luckily seems to the mannerism of most of these wonderful little dogs) You can tell that he was raised in a great environment and got plenty of attention. Thanks again for all your help Bridget-and for anybody out there puppy shopping. Go with a Pomeranian!”

Thanks again.

Meet Lil Princess! She is a gorgeous and very tiny Solid Chocolate baby from our Chocolate Romeo and Blue and Tan Princess. Her new mom & dad named her after her mommy Princess! She is a very lucky little girl and as you can see in the photo, a very tired baby too! Her new parents Matt & Amber flew all the way from IL to Las Vegas Airport to pick up there new bundle of joy!

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us this opportunity to raise one of your beautiful babies. Words can not express how comfortable you have made this exciting and scary process for us. We sincerely appreciate your meeting us in Vegas too!

We look forward to keeping in touch, Matt & Amber

Meet Precious! A beautiful little Blue Sable baby girl who is living in AZ with her brand new mommy Tianna!!!

Precious is doing GREAT!  Last night we were laughing so hard at her cuz she was chasing Ozzy all over the living room.  Poor Ozzy couldn't get away, she is like lightening.  She was also growling the whole time, which made all of us laugh harder.  Poor Oz couldn't figure out if she was serious or playing.  LOL  Tianna is being trained so well by her.    The pup makes a noise and she is up and running trying to figure out what it is that Precious wants.  Yesterday, Tianna ran home after school just to be back with her baby.  Mom and Dad even came in 2nd and 3rd as far as hugs and kisses hello went.  :)

Meet the Corrigan Families newest addition! A beautiful Chocolate Sable little boy!


We are very happy with our little choc sable boy from Sharp Poms. He arrived beautiful, healthy and happy. He has made a great addition to our family. We hope to adopt another Sharp Pom in the near future! Kate Corrigon


Meet Merley an adorable lil Red Merle. His new mommy is Hannah in California!

he is doing great!!
my mom and my brother..oh also my friend just loves him so much,
he is just a doll!
he loves to play, he goes everywhere.
he is just lovely!! adorable!! cute!! i can't even think of a word that
will describe him perfectly!
he is sleeping with me tonight!
he took a nap with me already right when we got home!
i will send you his picture soon as possible :D
THANK YOU SO MUCH again! i will take a good care of him :)
i am so glad!! i think im blessed :P
anyways GOOD NIGHT and god bless you and your family!



Meet Bella and her beautiful family!!! Read this wonderful email and see the picture they sent me...It's so touching!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Bella is so beautiful and she has such a great personality, my daughter treats her like a person and takes her everywhere. Britanys boyfriend even made Bella part of the proposal when he asked her to marry him (pic attached) she is very important to the both of them, she is their baby.